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Whyshop is a modern e-commerce solution designed for B2B wholesalers or medium-sized B2C e-shops, which are no longer sufficient with a box solution.

The platform separates the core of the e-shop by implementing a data management interface (API) from a graphic design solved using ReactJS technology. This allows you to design and implement the appearance of the e-shop according to specific requirements, without requiring interventions in the general logic of the system.

Whyshop is connected via the API interface to the syncAgent service, which enables simple and controlled integration of the e-shop with ERP KARAT.

Why Whyshop?

Low entry costs

Quick start

High security

Long-term support of the platform and its development

Easy integration with
ERP KARAT and third-party applications

Unique design and any
specific modifications

Unique design

Customize your e-shop to your customers’ needs

Basic functionalities

Basic features

  • Product catalog: E-shop categories, Product sorting, Media (pictures and files), Parameterization, Product linking (by size, color, packaging)
  • 3-step ordering process: Shopping cart, Shipping and payment type, Order overview
  • Customer account: New customer registration, Existing customer registration, Profile, Delivery address management, User management, Order overview, Invoice overview, Favorites
  • Basic back-end administration: In case the content cannot be modified within ERP
  • Multidomain
  • Multilingualism

Sales promotion

  • Advanced search with whisperer
  • Filter products by parameters
  • Stock Availability
  • Product labeling
  • Similar, related products, news, last viewed
  • The best-selling products
  • Campaigns
  • Minimum order price
  • Free shipping from a predefined price
  • Price lists: initial price list, sale price list, individual price list

Other features

  • Notification of invoices after the due date tolerance
  • Static pages
  • Blog (articles)
  • Technical SEO optimization
  • Responsive design

Proven by partners

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Do you want an e-shop that will last you a long time?

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