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Web application development

Our websites are built on open source platforms. So you are not a hostage of our agency, but you can use your website freely.

Analysis and draft project

Would you like to invest EUR 10,000 in the technical solution? We’ll tell you straight whether it is necessary or it is better to spend the money on marketing.

Project management

We will run the project from start to finish. We meet deadlines and do not increase the budget by unnecessary extra work.

Long term application administration

70% of clients cooperate with us for a long time or return to us.

Taking over projects from previous contractors

We have experience with taking over work from other companies. We can also handle a large technical solution in a short time.


Are you unaware of market orientation, communication with other suppliers or assignments for us? We have an overview and we will be happy to advise you.

Usesr testing and change proposals

The web is not carved in stone. If something doesn't work, we go after it like dogs. We always find a solution.
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