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Portrét - Jan Koprajda

Honza Koprajda

talks to clients about their business, tells them about making websites or systems, and can explain the process quite clearly.

He’s interested in psychology and UX and keeps studying.
Portrait - Vít


is Honza’s right-hand man. He knows how to care for customers. He is inventive, helps with designing apps and oversees projects.

Everybody can approach him with any question or request; he won’t turn down anybody and often can be caught singing.
Portrét - Ben


develops in Django and React. His favourite small talk topic is GIS. He works hard on himself and keeps learning new things all the time. He likes talking before an audience and his friends say he’d be a great comedian.
Portrét - Trixi


handles front-end of applications and websites, utilising her graphic designer background. She codes in HTML and her favourite SASS.

When not drinking a cup of excellent coffee, she’s working on her side projects and playing video games.
Portrét - Andrej


develops apps in React but doesn’t stop at HTML and CSS either. In his free time he creates graphics in Photoshop. Sometimes he gets engulfed by a thrilling detective or sci-fi story, and he likes watching sports on TV.
Portrait - Mojmír


has the broadest range of knowledge of technologies. There’s nothing he wouldn’t be able to deal with. He masters numerous editing systems and frameworks, including Wordpress, Prestashop, Typo3 and Symfony.

He loves driving fast cars and listens to electronic music.

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